Sunday, 7 December 2008

Zeitgeist = men searching for meaning

As scary and as disturbing a so called documentary or rather a filmiac Zeitgeist is it is very difficult to not take some of it in as true facts. I don't want to but I can't help it.

As it is mainly intended to promote critical thiniking among human beings livin gin america I thought I should post a link with some more critical tinking:

As with everything = seek and find your own truth.

As a former (and still in many ways) politically desaibled, easern European and former totalitarian country citizen and distant witness of what happened to my country Bulgaria - it is very difficult to say - ah well - they don't have enough evidence - not true then!

Zeitgeist = an era for critical thinking

As it is mainly intended to promote critical thiniking among human beings livin gin america I thought I should post a link with some more critical tinking:

As with everything = seek and find your own truth.

Sunday, 23 November 2008


One can always doubt what seems the unbeliavable. However too many documentaries and too many smart men got involved in the debate of on world conspiracy theory.

Yesterday I was recomended an you tube full documentary footage - Zeitgeist.

I could see the reflection of my face while watching - mouth dropping, eye widenning in disbelief, tears running down my cheeks with every new comprehension. It was unbelievably sad and very very scary.

Here is the link to the movie. If it is still there:

I have began to think of different ways to promote freedom.
If you wish to discuss the movie with anybody, please free to get in touch.

You need 2hrs 3 minutes to watch and a life time to do something with your life. Hurry up.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Our Eco Shop

There are little words to express the joy and fulfilment we all feel about this joined venture.

If you haven't done any Christmas shopping - I hope so! - please come and visit us at 303 Westbourne grove, Nottinghil, London (if you are coming fron Notting Hill station - turn left off Portobello road).

See you all there.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Green Sisters is to be launched in Bulgaria

Our network of aware, green, passionate and determined Green Sisters is growing. We have now reached 186 members.

We are launching the Green Sisters Concept on the 25 Novemeber 2008 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

If you are a woman running a green business or a green-orieted project or you are simply interested in green living or whant to support us on our way of building a sustainable future NOW - anywhere in the world - join us.

You need to register with to access the Green Sisters space.Visit Green-Sisters

Greenpeace Energy [R]evolution

Now is a time for a [R]evolution.

Friday, 22 August 2008

CarrotMOBuk website launch | 21 August 2008

I haven't been more excited about forcing change even after a weekend at Climate Camp08 ;-)!
I shouldn' compare the two at all. But I just did.

I wouldn't be able to explain it better than this video, please wacth:

It is hillarious!

I am definitely joining the crowd and may be even helping getting it organized.
Spread the word


LondonAWARE | 10-11 May 2008

The first of hopefully many purely green, purely designed for the consumer shows. 18 hours of isnpirational talks, meetings, business pitches, networking and new friendships.

Among a few I would like to acknowledge UKAWARE for putting on such a great event, NORWEX, for the great opportunity to do business with microfiber cleaning cloths, my favourite online green directory OneGreenEarth for providing a more affordable space for that, GoodEnergy and Mercy Oil for the lovely company, The Greenshop group for inspiring me to paint everything with environmentally friendly paints, The Ecologist for existing, Maleorganic for allowing me to participate in their luckywall, B.sustainable for introducing me to omlet and for inspiring me to work with schools on sustainability, MorsBags for allowing me to saw my morsebag in the last minute (see photo) and thank you all who stopped by the Norwex booth.

I was happy to mention few things here and there about what we do at UltimatelyECO with all the Norwex cleaning materials.

Here is a movie featuring the event:

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Green Entrepreneurs Meet up | 13 May 2008

That was the first (only) time that I have attended the Green Entrepreneurs Meet up organized by Fergal byrne.

Green Baby founder Jill Barker gave a fireside talk on how she build the company to what is now a chain and franchise of baby and mother shops full of healthy and environmentally friendly stuff!
It was a very inspirational, informative and motivating speech. The highlights for me were: 1. just do it, regardless of what everybody else is saying - if you believe in yourself, you can do it!; 2. advertising doesn't work - good PR does; 3. Plan ahead and do the numbers; 4. find a friend to help you create an adequate marketing strategy;-).

I want to think Jill is not a lucky person, but a truly adventurous and skilful entrepreneur, who managed to grasp the potential of an idea and use the opportunity and her skills to build a succeeding business. (I hate the concept of luck - it is pointless!)

Jill used to be a banker, so I might be right. Knowing about finance, budgeting and planning and organizing is an excellent foundation for being an entrepreneur (all rules have exceptions).

It would have been a great evening had I had the chance to stay after the talk and mingle with some great selection of green entrepreneurs and professionals.

Thanks, Fergal byrne.