Monday, 22 March 2010

I am not a hamster! Change your mindset, mature!

From birth to puberty a hamster doubles its weight each week. If, then, instead of levelling-off in maturity as animals do, the hamster continued to double its weight each week, on its first birthday we would be facing a nine billion tonne hamster. If it kept eating at the same ratio of food to body weight, by then its daily intake would be greater than the total, annual amount of maize produced worldwide. There is a reason that in nature things do not grow indefinitely.

Ultimately Eco @UKaware 2010

UK AWARE 2010 (a green living expo) is running from 10 am to 6 pm on Friday 16th & Saturday 17th April. This year they’ve taken over a second floor in Olympia Two and have an electric bike track inside the venue! Other attractions include:

 Free seminars – get inspired by some of the UK’s most creative minds
 A fashion show – beautiful clothes for beautiful people.
 Workshops – hands on fun for all
 Green Machines Expo – a huge collection of low carbon vehicles
 A fashion and beauty area – look good and feel even better
 A Kids area – fun for the whole family
 Clothes swapping – bought to you by Daisy Green Magazine
 Hundreds of exciting green organisations showcasing cutting edge products and exclusive special offers
 Green Business Surgery – hints, tips and ideas on how to green your business or how to build your own
 Morsbags: an oasis of creative surprises and haberdashery delights – voted best feature by visitors last year.

Tickets cost £15 on the day, and £10 in advance online, but if you follow my link* you can buy tickets for just £6.

*(That’s an affiliate link and if you use it we will get a bit of cash back on our stall fees, but you’ll be saving a packet so it’s win-win :)