Sunday, 23 November 2008


One can always doubt what seems the unbeliavable. However too many documentaries and too many smart men got involved in the debate of on world conspiracy theory.

Yesterday I was recomended an you tube full documentary footage - Zeitgeist.

I could see the reflection of my face while watching - mouth dropping, eye widenning in disbelief, tears running down my cheeks with every new comprehension. It was unbelievably sad and very very scary.

Here is the link to the movie. If it is still there:

I have began to think of different ways to promote freedom.
If you wish to discuss the movie with anybody, please free to get in touch.

You need 2hrs 3 minutes to watch and a life time to do something with your life. Hurry up.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Our Eco Shop

There are little words to express the joy and fulfilment we all feel about this joined venture.

If you haven't done any Christmas shopping - I hope so! - please come and visit us at 303 Westbourne grove, Nottinghil, London (if you are coming fron Notting Hill station - turn left off Portobello road).

See you all there.