Monday, 21 October 2013

Positive news are always the best news!

We are in the Positive news! And we are proud with what we have to share with the world. The editorial was in fact an interview with myself  Kate Belcheva by Anna Levy in the column about Good business.
Each month, the Good Business column catches up with people leading social change. It’s written by Anna Levy from Impact Hub Islington, an incubation space for socially driven entrepreneurs, and this month she’s interviewing the co-founder of a business that’s trying to make it easier to book train journeys across Europe.

Hereis a link to the article. 

The next interviewee of Anna Levy for the Good business column is another Kate from Loco2, a website for comparing and booking train tickets across Europe. I am sharing this with you as I look forward the day I will be able to go to Bulgaria on a train - of course 2000km are a long way and it has to be a very fast train - but if we could fly in space we could make a very fast train. Here is the article.