Tuesday, 28 April 2009

My Carbon Karma

At the one life live show in March (where just a year ago I met lovely Katie Keegan, with whom we cofounded Green sisters) I spoke with the psychologies's editor in chief - Maureen Rice. She advised that I get in touch with Catherine Jones, who runs Psychologies' eco blog - Carbon Karma.

So in the last Carbon Karma blog post you can read about an eco warrior, who happens to be me... and I am very proud:

Let's hope this will be just a beginning of a successful and effective media journey!

Best Kate
Eco warrior and cleaning specialist!

Ultimately Spring time

Spring Greetings to everyone,

As Jonathan Ross announced last Friday - we have the hottest ever April - I must agree with him, it is too early to start sweating. No wonder some pretty deadly stuff is flying in the air. It is a scientific fact that flu viruses become more active, or was it the sci fact that people are more predisposed to viruses in Spring, due to our ehausted (from the winter) immune system and the sudden change of weahter conditions that are typical for the Spring season.

Swine flu is pretty serious, so as much as I have been promoting non-antibacterial products I must say - don't listen to me!

However I did my little research and I found those lovely eco and human friendly anti-bacterial soaps:
with tea tree:

Tea tree and calendula soap is similar to Lavender soap except that Tea tree is a more powerful antiseptic, anti fungal, and anti bacterial, and hence is a good soap to take travelling. Suitable for all skin types.

This 100% natural soap is made by Simply Soaps in the wild woods in Norfolk. All products are 100% Vegetarian, and most are Vegan too.(From Nigel's eco store)

Liquid tea tree soap:

This lemon tea tree soap is perfect to use in the kitchen and bathroom to reduce the spread of germs. Aloe vera and sugar beet make it gentle on the hands.
(From Eco Monkey)

Also please check out my website - I have managed to update few of the pages:
1. About Us
2. Our UECO shop
I have added some new brands: Natural Home, ENJO... Have a look! Anything that you fancy?

Enjoy the warmest April and please please, be clean and healthy - wash your hands!